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How to protect intellectual property by applying China's competition law

How to protect intellectual property by applying China’s competition law (video)

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This was a Lecture on Göttingen Summer School on Chinese Law 2020 by Dr. Xiaopeng Zhao.

The untraditional Intellectual Properties (IP) could be protected by Chinese Competition Law, such as:

  • Trade Secret
  • Business name (also corporate name) of a legal person (including the short name or trade name)
  • Name of a person (including the pen name, art name and translated name)
  • Name of a product, trade dress (packaging, business decoration etc.)
  • Main part of a domain name, name of a website, webpage design etc.

This lecture focuses on four topics:

  • Business name protection – overlapping with trade mark protection
  • Product name protection – how famous it should be?
  • Trade dress protection – protection of product design after expiration of design (patent) protection
  • Trade secret protection – current legal situation in China

Link of the video on YouTube:

This video provides an overview of the questions discussed in the lecture.

Please contact us for the full lecture of in total 72 minutes.




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